Though the loss of Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan might be a negative on paper the reality is Leonard played a very little role in the Spurs 2017/18 season. Theoretically they have gained an All-Star player for the loss of very little and with Gregg Popovich at the helm they will as always challenge for a Playoff spot. Check out their full roster and NBA Live 19 player ratings below.

The NBA Live 19 Creator Challenge is continuing to give gamers some celebrity ballers to try to defeat. Within the past several days EA Sports has unveiled several stars with major entertainment presence and large social media followings. They include actors and musicians with gamers getting the chance to defeat them for new prestige in the NBA Live 19 game.

On December 13 the good folks from EA Sports dropped a new NBA Live 19 title update. The latest one accounts for some recent roster changes including a three-team trade and signings. In addition there have been some adjustments in terms of shooting the ball and fatigue. Here's a look at what gamers can expect from the latest NBA Live 19 title update on their favorite basketball game.

On Wednesday fans of NBA Live 19 received word of a brand new update. This one packs some nice additions and fixes into it too. As fans of the competing game complain over NBA City Jerseys being available in the game NBA Live 19 title update added them. There are also several other reasons for celebration including fixes for online play and a major gameplay tuning update.

The Jazz were the surprise package of last season going 29-6 to finish the season entrenched in the Western Conference's top eight. Offensively they are limited but with a great coach and the best defense in the league they'll be aiming for close to 50 wins again this season. Check out their full roster and all their NBA Live 19 player ratings below.

Houston were a game away from the 2017/18 Finals but a Chris Paul hamstring injury and rampant Warriors side derailed any hopes they had. With two of the best players in the game running the backcourt they will give themselves a chance to challenge again this season and will be an enjoyable side to play with on NBA Live 19. Check out their full roster below.

Bryn Forbes'second season in the league saw his playing time significantly increase from just seven minutes per game in 2016/17 to almost 20 last season. In those minutes he managed 6.9 points 1.4 rebounds and 1.0 assists relatively modest numbers but again a jump from the prior season. In 2018/19 he will get plenty of more opportunities with Tony Parker now in Charlotte so expect his production to get a solid boost.