The MyTeam mode within NBA 2K is experiencing one of its best in years. The overall stability has been good and the mode has been packed with some strong and more gamer-friendly features and concepts. The extended time to input a locker code was one change implemented this year that allowed all MyTeamers more access. In case you're wondering how to input a locker code here are the instructions.

This Nurkic card sports a 97 block and steals rating to go with a 96 strength attribute. To further enhance the effectiveness the card is equipped with a Hall-of-Fame Rim Protector and Pick Pocket badge. It also has 15 Gold Badges including Brick Wall Bruiser Defensive Stopper and Hustle Rebounder. For just under 40K MT you probably won't find a player capable of impacting your lineup more.

I'm not going to suggest doing away with badges. I think the concept has a place as it helps to identify specific qualities. Oftentimes it can account for that special ability to perform that a player like Kobe Bryant posesses–even though his percentages might not be particularly impressive. That said some of the badges in NBA 2K19 are insanely overpowered. First and foremost the Limitless Range badge makes the game unrealistic when playing with someone who has good shot timing. It's almost impossible to guard multiple shooters 25-plus feet away from the basket–especially if they don't have the ball.

Despite the Davis drama resulting in little action there was no shortage of consequential moves made with the contenders in the Eastern Conference improving themselves for the coming stretch run and eventual playoff battles. Looking at the transactions through the lens of "NBA 2K19" shows how those teams have improved significantly. The 76ers and Raptors are the clear winners from the deadline. The Bucks currently holding the NBA's best record also came away having boosted their roster.

Although more recognized for his 11 seasons with the 76ers Julius Erving still put on one hell of a show during his time with the Nets. Then recognized as the Americans he played in the ABA and went to absolute town. through his 3 seasons with the Americans Erving held an impressive 28.2 points averaged along with an amazing 10.9 rebounds per game. His most notable achievements though include keeping all of those averages along with a 2.3 steals per game and 2.1 blocks per game.

This Ben Wallace card is easily the most attainable PD card at the auction. It's the cheapest and the most plentiful. This version of Wallace is outstanding close to the basket. His 99 standing layup and 90-plus dunk ratings make him an elite finisher. However defensively is where the card shines the most. The 98 block and 92 steals rating gives Wallace the room to make impact defensive plays but the 88-speed mark assures he can guard smaller players on the perimeter. As rebounding goes Wallace is amazing. He has a 98 rating on both offensive and defensive rebounding.

If you have Kobe Bryant or Paul George a player who is also a great athlete but who has also been given the LR badge the weapon that allows them to rain threes from deep presents a nearly insurmountable advantage. Quite frankly if you're a simhead the gameplay can be a turnoff because as great as those guys are and were the game makes them great but in a cheap and less than authentic way.