Raids are meant to be hard but the first one in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is so hard that so far no players on console have managed to beat it. PC users managed to do so within hours of the raid Operation Dark Hours going live on Thursday. But more than just a handful of frustrated voices are saying that the raid’s expectations are beyond the capabilities of twin-analog gamepad gaming.

Kotaku went into extensive detail about the raid and what’s behind the difficulty spike yesterday. But this is well more than some issue of gameplay criticism or someone’s impressions. The Division’s subreddit is alive with complaints about the raid’s difficulty (and condescending counter-complaints about the complaining) with a thread demanding the developers themselves try to beat the raid on the console doing most of the talking.

Operation Dark Hours is our first eight-player raid coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Teamwork collaboration and adaptation will be necessary to defeat the Black Tusk. More information and exact opening times will be revealed soon. Classified Assignments are exclusive missions for owners of the Year 1 Pass. Discover and complete these missions to hear stories behind the fall of DC as well as unlocking exclusive Backpack Trophies. Title Update 3 includes the first two Classified Assignments.

Games that feature loot mechanics such as Destiny 2 The Division 2 and Borderlands heavily focus on pushing the player forward. Players can oftentimes loot something that gives them an edge over high-end bosses. You can find a special weapon or gear. But looting can be a grind which is why of course this is one of Often times players manage to find an area or an exploit that leads to high-rate gear drops and better loot.

Citing “fierce competition in the market,” Ubisoft’s CFO Frederick Dugeut said that the game fell short of sales expectations on console though he cited a 10 fold increase in Uplay sales on PC as a silver lining and said that the game’s next update it’s raid is expected to do well for it. The Division 2 may hold the honor of being one of the only loot shooters to debut with a non-botched launch but the game has fallen short of Ubisoft’s expectations for it according to a recent investor call.

In a call around its latest fiscal results chief financial officer Frederick Duguet said the game "ended up short of our ambitious expectations" specifically on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One according to GameSpot. The CFO attributed this to "a more competitive market than expected" although did not identify which titles had the biggest impact. March was relatively quiet in terms of major new releases with only Devil May Cry 5 the week before The Division 2's launch and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a week later.

In games where loot drops are integral for progression players will do just about whatever they can to get gear and items as fast as possible. This can be done by grinding or killing bosses and whatnot but it can also be done by exploiting certain game mechanics to farm locations repeatedly for lots of drops. These spots have come to be called loot caves named after the original Destiny farming cave where enemies spawned endlessly dropping tons of loot in the process. Recently it appears that The Division 2 now has its own loot cave and players have created exact methods for farming the crap out of it.