There’s no confirmed release date for FIFA 20 just yet but it’s widely expected to launch on 27 September 2019. This is simply because EA Sport has a habit of releasing each year’s FIFA on the last Friday of September. Of course we wouldn’t rule out a date shift but we should get concrete confirmation during the EA Play showcase on 8 June. Shooting is also being revamped with attackers given greater accuracy during easy shooting scenarios such as being clean through against the 'keeper.

Goalkeepers' reaction times will be reduced in these situations to resolve the sometimes "superhuman" reactions players complained of. Additionally the timing window for green timed shots is being reduced to two frames for all shots and they'll also be "slightly less precise." EA did however reassure players that green timed shots will "still be more accurate than non-timed shots."

Currently “chaining” tricks together such as doing multiple stepovers in quick succession or doing repeated flick-ups is almost impossible to defend against and results in unrealistic and ridiculous plays. That should happen less next time out with the chances of the playing fluffing it increasing exponentially with each trick you do in sequence.

While FIFA 19 included the majority of the biggest and most well-known leagues there are certain exclusions such as the Romanian league (Liga 1) as well as the National League the fifth tier of English football. Leagues that have been licensed for FIFA 19 will be expected to appear once again in FIFA 20.

Also known as England's Vanarama National League the competition which includes such clubs as Macclesfield Town and Leyton Orient has yet to appear in any iteration of FIFA. A fan-led petition campaigning for the division to be included on FIFA 20 has reached almost 10,000 signatures however and has been backed by the National League numerous clubs and former FA chairman David Bernstein.

FIFA on Switch hasn’t been identical to the versions found on PS4 and Xbox One and have required their own development resources to create a lightly stripped-down version to take account of the Switch’s less powerful hardware. The change from this to a Legacy Edition version is huge though as the Switch versions of FIFA 18 and 19 were notable upgrades on previous years’ offerings.

While FIFA 19 is still charting well much of the footballing attention over the weekend was focused on its successor. FIFA 20 is adding a new Volta Mode which channels the street football energy of FIFA Street. The mode won't however come to Nintendo Switch whose FIFA 20 port lacks "any of the big features." FIFA 20's release date has been set for September 27.