,132897/id,98493/World-of-Warplanes-teamed-up-with-Iron-Maiden.html I just spent four hours watching Dr.Lupo not only break his own record and Bungie’s new one. In 4.5 hours he raised $920,000 for charity just a tiny bit shy of his massive stretch goal of $1 million but an extremely impressive achievement in his own right. Like many of the other streamers who have been spending four hour blocks for the last few weeks raising money.

Lupo had various incentives to donate including raffle entries or the ability to get him to hamstring his gameplay in Fortnite by dropping weapons or disallowing him from building. His larger milestone goals were to have his son play Fortnite (at $350,000) and his wife play Resident Evil ($500,000). The $1 million super stretch goal was to get him to Pon Pon Ninja’s signature dance on stream something he’s never done. And may have to do next year as the total was just shy.

Epic Games introduced Fortbytes at the beginning of Fortnite Season 9. Fortbytes are collectable computer chips that are available to collect for those who own the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass. These chips can be collected by completing XP challenges or collecting them in game with a total of 100 Fortbytes available.

This is not a huge surprise. No game can sustain the insane level of popularity we saw from Fortnite last year and these kinds of drops are not a big deal considering that Epic has made close to $4 billion from the game already enough to totally transform the company and keep it humming along for the next decade at least.

Fortnite has upped the quality and number of its cosmetics the main way it makes money from players and has tried experiments like offering free battle passes for completing challenges in a past season. One thing that has boosted Fortnite’s fortunes is that…no game has really come along to unseat it and it seems pretty clear that no battle royale title ever will as we’re likely about to move on to the next big gaming trend.

Fortnite players who are not sure if their PCs come with a graphics card that can support DirectX 11 should mostly not worry as there is a good chance that the answer is yes. According to Polygon any Nvidia graphics card released after the GEForce GTS 450 in 2010 should be able to run DirectX 11 while any AMD graphics card rolled out after the Radeon HD 5450 in 2009 should be fine.

This means that most Fortnite PC players will not be affected by the upgraded system requirements. However for those who are on aging machines it may be a good idea to not just buy a new graphics card but to purchase a new laptop altogether. Digital Trends senior editor Matt Smith compiled a list of the best laptops for Fortnite led by the Dell G7 15.