Join us as we show you our best spots for finding and destroying Fortnite party balloon decorations. We won’t tour every location as there are so many across the map but if you’re after a fast and efficient way of ticking off this challenge then keep reading. Also don’t forget you can shoot these Fortnite party balloons from a distance making this even easier to complete.

As you only need to destroy five different Fortnite party balloons we advise heading between these four different locations which should be more than enough to unlock the Sun spray. Take a look at the party balloons map below and bear in mind that some of these spots have more than one set of balloons so take a quick look around before heading off.

The clock in Junk Junction has seen better days but can be found on the bottom left of the area at the foot of the broken tower--somehow it still works. Head to Neo Tilted and once again at the southwest of the location you'll see the large tower with the time digitally projected around the top. Finally at Happy Hamlet there's a nice rustic clock tower in its center. You can also watch the video above to see us complete the challenge.

With the Retaliator Glider equipped fly toward the Sky Platform. You'll see a spinning triangle off to the side of the Platform. It's not very big so you'll need to have good aim. There are a total of four of these that you'll need to fly through in a row and you'll nab the Byte after passing through the final one.

Hopefully our map has shown you a quick and easy way of popping five Fortnite party balloon decorations unlock the Sun spray and get back to enjoying this lovely weather. Don’t forget there’s a new 14 Days of Fortnite challenge every day next week plus a few new Fortbyte every day so keep checking back with us for new Fortnite guide every day.

With that challenge done the rest should be breezy work. However,MalcolmLynch,The-latest-expansion-for-Path-of-Exile.html there's also the ongoing 14 Days of Summer event which includes unique challenges and of course more rewards. The latest challenge asks players to bounce a giant beach ball in different matches which is easier said than done. We also have a guide to finding the beach parties you need to visit for another challenge.

It's also important to note that unlike skydiving through rings you'll need to actually fly with the Glider out to finish this challenge. The rings are each slightly lower than the previous ring but it's much more horizontal than skydiving rings. Glide through each one and grab your Fortbyte treasure!