The Division 2 has a lot of work to do if it wants to keep players engaged. They released a raid which has now become cakewalk for PC players but is still brutal and frustrating for most console players even if a few teams now have it down to a science. I’d love to see the total console completion numbers for the raid where the majority of the playerbase resides as it’s pretty clear The Division 2 needs more “normal” content which it will be getting later this summer as the game continues its free expansion model.

For now though I agree with Ice T that it’s easy to feel like you’ve hit a wall in The Division 2 and we probably are coming up on a Gearscore increase in a little while here so I’m not sure what the point is of continuing to try and come up with perfected 500 GS sets. And there needs to be an absolute ton of work done in so many aspects of the endgame right now buffing underpowered sets exotics and skills and figuring out more targeted ways to farm that don’t rely on fifty levels of RNG to find gear.

As for episode 3 it looks like we're heading back to New York with Coney Island featured prominently in both the trailer and artwork. You'll be going after Aaron Keener the rogue agent from the first game who vowed to wipe out humanity with the Green Poison virus. At the end of that title players were given a chance to join up with him; whether that will factor into episode 3 at all is yet to be seen. We'll find out when it's released in early 2020.

Ubisoft's also making some changes to crafting and exotics and players will be able to get their hands on a pair of new weapons and exotic gloves. Heroic bosses will drop exotic loot and Cassie will sell better stuff including named items and exotics. Blueprints meanwhile will be shared across all sources so you can focus on activities you like and they'll also be for sale. You'll also be able to slap flashlights on your pistols.

As previously mentioned the Gunner wields the minigun a rapid-fire weapon that Ubisoft says can dish out "massive damage in short periods of time on the enemy while sustaining incoming damage thanks to its bonus armor." Gunners can also throw Riot Foam Grenades which will cover enemies in foam and prevent them from moving. The Banshee signature skill meanwhile can confuse targets.

The Division 2 started out very strong. It had a great campaign and it had a very solid introduction to the endgame with the world tiers and map takeover concept by Black Tusk. But since then it’s clear that even more work needs to be done to make this sustainable over the longer term. Maybe then Ice T and I will want to return and pick up the game again but for right now there are just too many better alternatives.

Will fix an issue where the talent from the Dodge City Gunslinger holster could be recalibrated to another item. If you've done this the item you've recalibrated the talent to will reset to its original state. The deconstructed holster will stay deconstructed and will have to be acquired again. If you haven't recalibrated nothing changes.